Bryson Governance Structure

Our services are delivered through 2 subsidiary charitable companies and 1 social enterprise trading company.

Our charitable services companies are:

Bryson Care – supporting individuals and families to live full and independent lives. 

Bryson Energy  –  providing permanent change to those in the greatest need through - Training, Employment, Adventure Activities, Children's Services, Home Safety and Energy Saving Schemes, Arts & Play Programmes and Community Root Cause initiatives.

Our social enterprise trading companies are:

Bryson Recycling – providing recycling and kerbside recycling services.

Each company has a Board of Trustees/Directors to provide strategic leadership and governance oversight. The Chairs of the subsidiary company Boards form the Group Board and are joined on the Group Board by other individuals with specialist skills in areas such as commerce, finance, law, HR and public affairs.

The Group Board has four governance sub-committees:

  • Audit and Risk
  • Governance and Nominations
  • Remuneration
  • Investment.

Trustees/Directors are not remunerated for their work, although approved expenses may be paid.

Trustees/Directors may receive payment for goods or services supplied outside their role and duties as Director/Trustee. All such engagements must comply with the Group’s financial regulations and purchasing/commissioning procedures.