Our Group Companies

Bryson Charitable Group is comprised of six individual business units: Bryson Recycling, Bryson Care, Bryson Intercultural, Bryson LaganSports, Bryson FutureSkills and Bryson Energy. Each Bryson Company has its own Board and the Chairperson of each also sits on and reports to the Bryson Charitable Group board.

  • Bryson Care

    We are a leading provider of care services. We deliver a number of programmes enabling individuals, families, young people and children to live their lives to the full, while maintaining their independence.

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  • Bryson Energy

    As Northern Ireland’s only Energy Agency, our goal is to support and motivate energy users to reduce their costs and greenhouse emissions. Our mission is to energy-proof homes across Northern Ireland.

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  • Bryson FutureSkills

    We are a leading provider of a range of employment and training initiatives, designed for school leavers, young adults and those living with long-term unemployment.

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  • Bryson Intercultural

    We aim to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families from marginalised groups including Travellers, Roma, Refugees and Aslyum Seekers.

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  • Bryson LaganSports

    We are an outdoor activity centre aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals in supporting them to reach their full potential. We are an inclusive social enterprise and focus on working with marginalised communities.

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  • Bryson Recycling

    We are an innovative provider of high quality recycling services that deliver social and economic value.

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