Below are some case studies that illustrate our work and how it impacts on the lives of individuals, families and communities.

  • Recycling Rewards, Bryson Recycling

    Recycling Rewards is an innovative scheme that aims to encourage people to recycle more paper, glass and plastics and highlight the benefits of recycling high quality material.

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  • Bryson FutureSkills

    Bernard’s Story, Future Skills

    Bernard was out of work and unsure of what the future held. He reluctantly applied for the Step into Employment programme to gain work experience. Find out how taking part in this scheme helped Bernard to secure employment.

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    Bryson Care

    Marian’s Story, Bryson Care

    Bryson One2One service supports vulnerable adults such as Marian (aged 63) who, since experiencing a brain injury has received care at home, enabling her to live independently.

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  • Bryson Intercultural

    Supporting Integration, Bryson Intercultural

    Bryson Intercultural support integration and social cohesion of marginalised groups, aiming to make a positive impact on their lives. A group of 25 Roma and Irish Traveller women went to Poland to learn about the atrocities faced by marginalised groups during the World War II genocide.

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  • Bryson Energy

    Tackling Fuel Poverty, Bryson Energy

    Bryson Energy support households faced with fuel-poverty providing heating systems to isolated, older people who would otherwise be forced to live in unbearable conditions.

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  • Bryson LaganSports

    Supporting Older Men, Bryson LaganSports

    Bryson LaganSports promotes active living and personal development for all and partnered with The Colin Area Men's Shed specifically working with older men to encourage improved health and wellbeing.

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