Sophy Bryson - Bryson Intercultural

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend Sophy Bryson.

Sophy has been an active member of the Bryson Charitable Group since early in the 1980’s, initially as a member of the Bryson Executive Committee and subsequently in Bryson Care.  Until her recent untimely passing, Sophy was energetic in her engagement with Bryson Intercultural.

Throughout the decades, Sophy has offered support and guidance to Bryson, including during her 9 years as Honorary Secretary.  Sophy’s involvement came about as a result of her father-in-law, Edwin Bryson, himself a member of the Executive Team.  Sophy shared his passion for social justice, but she also had a particular interest in helping those who are poor and struggling in our society.  

Sophy also took a deep and meaningful interest in the integration and welcome that Northern Ireland afforded those who, over the years, have come to our shores seeking refuge and asylum; we have many photographs showing her pleasure in sharing and learning about new cultures.  Her energy compassion and commitment is a big loss to us all.

Sophy will be missed by all her friends in Bryson and the people she helped to support.  We extend our sincere sympathies to Sophy's children, grandchildren and wider family.

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