Flying Colours for Bryson FutureSkills following recent inspection

Bryson FutureSkills is delighted to announce the results of the recent inspection carried out by the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI).

The inspection was carried out on two programmes that Bryson FutureSkills provide and funded by the European Social Fund

·         Belfast Step Into Employment

The main aim of the project is to provide sustainable and quality employment opportunities for participants over the age of 25 who are long-term unemployed, economically inactive and furthest removed from the workforce. Currently 49% of the participants who complete the programme with Bryson have achieved their employment goals.

·         Young Persons Employment Initiative

The main aim of the project is to progress young unemployed people, between the age of 16 and 24, toward sustainable employment through targeted employability skills training.

The programmes provide a range of services including tailored training, work experience, one-to-one support, and mentoring and employability qualifications.

Overall findings and effectiveness are as follows for both programmes

·         Outcome for learners – Good

·         Quality of provision – Very Good

·         Leadership and management – Very Good

The inspection team met with a sample of participants individually.  Feedback was very positive:

All of them reported that they value the guidance and support provided by the project staff.  They also stated that the project was beyond their expectations, quickly providing them with work experience and a supported progression pathway to employment in a job role that matched their experience, aspirations and for some their personal circumstances.

All the participants commented on the very good levels of support they received from the employment coach and felt that they were more work ready as a result of their participation in both the programme and their work-experience placements.  Overall, they felt more motivated and prepared to gain employment.

All the participants report that the project has helped them to increase their confidence and self-esteem, particularly for those who were unemployed for several years.

Key strengths of the programmes delivered by Bryson include:

The provision of very effective one to one support and assessment on entry to the project, leading to the development of an individualised personal development plan with clear agreed actions and expected outcomes, is a key strength of the programme. 

The Inspectors also commented on the staff and senior management team stating that there is a clear strategic vision and Bryson FutureSkills effectively utilises resources from the Bryson Group’s wider resources to source job opportunities. For example in the first year of the programme participants were able to avail of a pre-employment programme, through Bryson Recycling, which offered a wide range of job roles.  Bryson have also developed links with a range of private and public employers for example Belfast City Council and several housing associations to provide high quality work experience and employment opportunities to continue to match the participants aspirations.

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