Bryson European Volunteers take part in Culture Night Belfast 2017

Postcards from the Edge of Europe

Part of the Culture Night Belfast 2017 experience included the opportunity to meet  volunteers from across Europe at the Black Box.  The volunteers are part of the Bryson EVS (European Voluntary Scheme) who are here to experience life in Northern Ireland and share their knowledge.  

The evening proved a great success with a range of activities including Euroke (singing your European heart out to the worst Europop we could find), Europuzzle (testing your knowledge of European cultural icons) and lots of people getting involved in writing their Postcards from the Edge of Europe.  

Click here to see the range of photos taken at the event and read both love letters and break up messages to Europe during these Brexit days.

The aim of the events was to enable direct interaction with the volunteers and the general public, encourage a deeper understanding about the meaning of Europe and the impact of Brexit and promoting Europe and European opportunities through signposting to the Time to Move and Eurodesk UK websites.

Thank you to all who attended and took the time to share their views.

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