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We've heard from our skydiving champion Elaine and paid a visit to Vera and Dorothy, but in our third and final interview, we talk to Sarah and Vera about the ways in which Bryson Care One2One has improved their lives. 

Sarah has been visiting Valorie and her husband Stanley on the Lisburn Road for about a year, and now, they're as thick as thieves. A daily run for Sarah would involve some light housework and bringing Valorie and Stanley to their local Tesco, where they would do their shopping and grab a coffee. They've developed a great friendship over the past 12 months (and change!), and recently we paid them a visit to discuss their experience of One2One – how they found the service, how they've benefited from One2One, and much more.

Sarah & Valorie

BRYSON: Valorie, how did you discover Bryson One2One?

Valorie: “I thought I was looking for someone just to do housework. I had tried another establishment, but that did not work out – frankly, they weren’t reliable. Then, I happened to read something about Bryson Care, and I thought I was looking for someone to help with domestic work only to discover that Bryson offers so much more, like the One2One service.”

BRYSON: And what has been your experience of One2One so far?

Valorie: “Very reliable. I’ve been with Sarah for about a year now – she takes a little while to get used to!”

Sarah: “I’ll take that [laughs]. We get on well. We have good craic, don’t we Valorie?”

Valorie: “[Sarah’s] good for me – she doesn’t take me too seriously. It’s a good relationship. It’s not like I was employing someone. Sarah is good… irritating… [laughs] reliable… annoying.”

Sarah: “I would even hesitate to say that we might be friends…”

Valorie: “[Laughs] Getting there… but in all seriousness, I feel like she’d be there if I needed her. And not just between her contracted hours.”

Sarah: “Of course, in a heartbeat.”

BRYSON: And Sarah, what would a typical day with Valorie and Stanley be like?

Sarah: “Pretty normal, really. We go to the shops – we do Tesco. And if I’m really lucky, she’ll let me have a cup of coffee.”

Valorie: “Oh it’s very exciting [laughs].”

Sarah: “On Tuesdays, Stanley and I would have our fruit squares and then Friday is date day for me and Valorie. We’d just be out and about… clothes shopping, getting some fresh air, or even having some lunch nearby.”

BRYSON: So Valorie, what would you say is the most important feature of One2One?

Valorie: Just knowing that [Sarah] is there. Peace of mind, really. That I can pick up the phone and there’s someone on the other end of the line. It’s been magnificent for me, and I know I’ve developed a good friendship with Sarah.”

If Bryson Care One2One is something you’re interested in – either as a Support Worker or potential service user – don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call 028 9034 7731.

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