Top Tips for the Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is often thought of as a time for good-will so this Christmas let’s Think Globally by Acting Locally. During the festive period, we consume more than ever but this doesn’t mean more should be sent to landfill. Here are twelve tips to help you recycle more this Christmas and we’ve even thrown in a few handy tips for gift ideas and last-minute shopping!

1.    Food, food and more food
You’re not alone if you tend to over-indulge over the festive period. But think ahead now – clear some space in your freezer to refill with any leftover Christmas delights. Over half of the food thrown out in the UK could be eaten. Waste not, want not! 

2.    Toiletries 
Shower gels and body lotions are a perfect Secret Santa gift if you’re struggling for ideas. Remember, once used these plastic bottles can be recycled so why not keep a separate recycling bin in your bathroom?

3.    Christmas cards
An estimated 900 million Christmas cards were sold last Christmas in the UK. That’s A LOT of card. Make sure you throw your cards in your kerbside box. Better still; why not opt for an e-card this year? Just remember you can’t recycle cards that contain glitter!

4.    No more space? 
With more visitors arriving over the festive period, we can all end up with more waste and struggle to find where to put it. Be sure to squash those cans and cardboard boxes to create more space in your recycling boxes.

5.    It’s a wrap
Wrapping paper is a paper and plastic mix so don't throw it in the recycling bin. Why not keep your paper for wrapping next year’s presents and save a few pennies? 

6.    Stress-free shopping 
Make a list of all the foods you need (after checking your cupboards and fridge) to make that perfect meal. This way, you’re less likely to buy excess food that will end up being thrown out. It’ll also help you whizz round the aisles!

7.    Bottles 
Whether it’s mulled wine, brandy or schloer, we all tend to drink more over the festive period. Make sure you wash out any bottles and put in your kerbside box. If your area doesn’t recycle glass yet, drop them off at your local recycling centre/bottle bank.

8.    Batteries
Don’t forget to check if any toys or appliances you’re gifting require batteries or you mightn’t get the reaction you want from the receiver! Sadly over 20,000 tonnes of batteries are sent to landfill site in the UK each year so when you’ve exhausted the batteries, bag them up and pop them in your recycling box.

9.    Clothes
Love your new woolly jumpers but now need to clear some space? You can bag your old clothes to be collected through our kerbside collection service. If you don’t have the kerbside collection model in your area, take your clothes to your local recycling centre or if they’re in good condition and just no longer your style, why not take to a local charity shop so someone else can enjoy them?  

10.    Still no more space? 
If your collection date has been affected by the holidays and you’re still struggling to make room in your bin or kerbside box after squashing all those cans and cardboard (see tip 4), bag the materials individually (bag of cardboard, bag of cans etc) and leave them out beside your recycling box where they will be collected.

11.    Christmas Tree
When sadly the day arrives that it’s time to take your tree down, why not replant it in your garden and you can reuse next year? If not, take it to your local recycling centre and you might meet your tree again in the form of compost or weed suppressant. 

12.    New Year, new you? 
Stuck on ideas for New Year’s resolutions? Next year why not make the positive chance to be even more diligent with recycling and recycle all the Unusual Suspects such as aerosols and plastic cleaning bottles? 


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