Bryson Energy Board

  • Gordon Carson

    Gordon Carson

    Gordon is currently the Chair of Bryson Energy.

    Gordon is the Managing Director of 4c Executive, a leading provider of executive search services in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and further afield. 

  • Jo Chada

    Jo Chada

    Jo is currently a Consultant HR Adviser. 

  • Sarah Little

    Sarah Little

    Sarah is currently the Brands & Marketing Director at Bedeck.

  • Derek Baker

    Derek Baker

    Derek is the Ex-Permanent Secretary for Dept. of Education.

  • Charlie Mack

    Charlie Mack

    Charlie currently is the CEO of Cranstoun. For over 50 years, Cranstoun has supported people to rebuild their lives, inspired transformation and empowered positive change.

  • Philip Rainey

    Philip Rainey

    Philip currently is the CEO of Weev, a company building the charging infrastructure needed to enable mass adoption of electric vehicles.