The Bryson Fund


The Bryson Fund is an emergency provision from Bryson Charitable Group which aims to provide food, finance, and emotional support.

Our goal is to initially assist up to 3,000 people in three ways:

1) The provision and delivery of food and essential items.

2) Financial support to ensure families are equipped with key household items, including oil, gas, electricity, and white goods.

3) Emotional support to help reduce social isolation and any heightened stress brought on by the COVID-19 lockdown. This will be delivered via telephone calls, online support, and face-to-face meetings wherever possible, and while still adhering to government guidelines around social distancing.

Bryson's emergency support is being delivered by 25 staff alongside an increasing number of volunteers. We are offering help to existing clients, as well as those being identified by our teams on the ground. Bryson Charitable Group has over 1,000 staff members working in areas deemed critical by the government during the current crisis.

Over 5,000 People Have Now Received Emergency Support

Since 1st April 2020, Bryson has delivered £250,000 of support to help those most severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

5,168 people (2,672 adults; 2,496 children and young people) have now received emergency support in the form of home heating and electricity, along with food, essential items, white goods, and emotional support.

We have worked closely with community groups throughout the pandemic to identify those in greatest need across Northern Ireland. Please see the below infographic for a detailed overview.

Bryson Fund infographic covid 19

Do You Want?

  • A job? Bryson employs more than 1,000 people across Northern Ireland and beyond. And we are growing. Start your career with us today.
  • To develop your skills? Through Bryson FutureSkills, we offer a wide range of Apprenticeships to help you reach your full potential. Every year, we deliver essential training to 300 young adults (16-24) on their journey to long-term employment.
  • Training that works for you? We have a track record in developing flexible training for young people that leads to personal growth and well paid jobs.
  • A Sure Start in life for your child? Through Bangor and Lisburn Sure Start, we offer free cook-it, swim, messy-play, and more for parents, children aged 0-4, and mums and dads to be. 
  • Current Vacancies

    Current Vacancies

    You can apply for all Bryson vacancies through our GetGot portal.

    We can also send out a paper application by post. Please contact our HR department on 028 9034 7749 for more details.

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