Supporting Integration, Bryson Intercultural

Bryson Intercultural

Bryson Intercultural led a group 25 Roma and Irish Traveller women to Auschwitz to learn about the World War II genocide; we were joined by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister. Encouraging integration and challenging discrimination, the women learnt about the atrocities of World War 11, particularly for marginalised groups who were tortured because of their ethnic background.

Project worker Sorina Toma commented: “It was heartbreaking seeing all the emotions that they went through. It was very powerful how they got to learn about their own history, and the way in which they reflected back and made a connection with the present and what they see in the news today.”

For Ecaterina Daroczi, a member of the Roma community, the visit invoked memories from her childhood.

“During the war we were afraid that we were going to get killed so my mother used to dig large holes in the woods as hiding places for us to escape. They said that those who go to the concentration camp will never escape. I remember all those stories Mum used to tell me when I was a child. I remember how it was like at that time and I am glad I got to see it all but I hope that God will see and protect us from war and what we saw there in Auschwitz. I hope it will never happen again to our children’s children.”