Tackling Fuel Poverty, Bryson Energy

Bryson Energy

Bryson Energy was able to assist 70 households with old oil heating systems beyond repair by providing them with a free wood pellet boiler. One client was Mrs N, who was not eligible for any existing grants to replace her broken system. 

Mrs N lives alone in a detached solid wall property. Five years ago, her oil heating system broke down. Unable to afford the cost of a new heating system, and not eligible for any grants or support at the time, Mrs N was forced to spend all her time cooped up in her living room where a solid fuel open fire offered the only heat throughout the house. 
She felt miserable living in a cold and damp house and isolated, being confined to 
one room. 

Mrs N was overjoyed when we installed a free wood pellet boiler just before Christmas. “I have had my first warm winter at home in years.” Mrs N is delighted to have heating throughout her home and is relieved to be able to budget more easily for this new 
heating system. 

Mrs N takes pride in her home again and now looks forward to spending time at home.