Quality service delivered at Bryson Care

Bryson Care, based in Belfast, had their annual Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) Inspection in May 2017.   Bryson staff, management and board members are delighted to announce that they have met all four requirements and in some cases exceeded the expected standards. 

RQIA inspect and report on the following four area and they carry this out by speaking to the people who use the service, talk to managers and staff and examine records including policies and care records:

1.  Is care safe? – This is about avoiding and preventing harm to service users from the care, treatment and support that is intended to help them.

RQIA outcome from inspection: Bryson provide safe care


2.  Is care effective? – This is about providing the right care, at the right time in the right place with the best outcome.

RQIA outcome from inspection: Bryson provide effective care


3.  Is care compassionate? – This is about ensuring Service Users are treated with dignity and respect and are fully involved in decisions affecting their treatment, care and support.

RQIA outcome from inspection: Bryson provide compassionate care


4. Is the service well led? – This revolves around effective leadership, management and governance which creates a culture focused on the needs and the experiences of Service Users in order to deliver safe, effective and compassionate care.

RQIA outcome from inspection: Bryson is being well led

Bryson has over 110 years of delivering care and support in the community and is committed to quality and excellence and the recent RQIA inspection confirms our approach to delivering care in the community.

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