PA of the Year Award for Bryson

Bryson Group is delighted to announce that Chris Anderson was awarded PA of the Year for the Voluntary Sector at the recent awards ceremony at Cultra Manor.  Chris is the PA to John McMullan, CEO of the Bryson Group.

Chris has been providing PA support to the CEO of Bryson for the last 10 years and at all times demonstrates the highest levels of motivation, excellent planning skills and an ability to effectively priorities work tasks.

John McMullan said, “I had no hesitation in recommending Chris for this Award.  The best organisations build their success on great teams and Chris not only ensures that she and I work as an effective team but more, she has developed an important team approach to the working of our Executive Team and similarly for our Group Board and the various Group Company Boards.  This is a level of complexity not found in many PA roles, but Chris not just copes with it, she excels in the role and has achieved the respect of the confidence of all those she supports.

In addition, Chris is an excellent ‘gate-keeper’ but not one that keeps it closed, just sufficiently ‘unlocked’ to ensure I have the opportunity to determine if requests could contribute to further success and growth for our social enterprise.  Her good communications has been a vital part of this success; she ensures an ‘open door’ policy in her office and is easily approachable.  Chris has frequently demonstrated an uncanny ability to anticipate my needs and makes sure that our office is well organised and works ahead of me, to provide the relevant papers well in advance, therefore ensuring I am well informed ahead of meetings".

Chris said, “I was very honoured to be nominated and never suspected that I would win this award – it took me completely by surprise.  I am delighted to have won, for the recognition that this brings to Bryson and also highlighting the important role that a PA plays in an organisation.  Thank you to all for your good wishes.”

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