Collaboration in action at Bryson Care

Back in January 2017 the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) sought the support of Bryson Care in Belfast as they began developing a new guideline for use by employers and domiciliary care managers about the best way to maintain and develop good social care practice. 

The plans are to link this guideline to a range of roles and functions to help staff across the sector make sense of the NISCC Standards of Conduct and Practice within the context of their day to day practice.

To date NISCC have completed a literature review that explores effective strategies for promoting and sustaining positive behaviour and adherence to professional standards among those working in domiciliary care and comparable roles in healthcare provision.  ‘The Behaviour Change Wheel’ has been identified as a useful resource for the guideline as it helps to design behavioural change interventions

NISCC were very keen to engage Bryson due to the excellent working relationship established by Bryson Assistant Director, Liz Leathem. Staff from both organisations recently met up, providing a great opportunity to update on the progress they had made.  According to NISCC, Bryson Care were instrumental in providing an invaluable insight in to the guideline’s use of language, usefulness and effectiveness.

NISCC Manager, Brenda Horgan said;

“Many thanks for facilitating our session with domiciliary care workers to progress our Guideline. It was a great session, very productive for us and it was brilliant to get the chance to speak with and hear from your staff.  They were inspiring and totally committed to social care. We have agreed to return in one month to progress this further. I appreciate that their time is precious and we value the commitment made for this engagement.”

NISCC are returning later in June to demo the new interactive training resource and ask staff to use it for a number of weeks and provide feedback on how they are using it. NISCC are also hoping to gather data from Bryson staff to start to measure impact of the guidelines going forward.

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