Bryson welcomes the draft Programme for Government framework consultation

The Bryson Charitable Group, one of Northern Ireland’s leading Social Enterprises has welcomed the publication of the draft Programme for Government (PfG) framework by the Executive Office.

Bryson Draft Programme for Government framework consultation

Bryson acknowledges the positive development of an innovative PfG that shifts to an outcomes focus and underpins a social partnership approach across all sectors.  Bryson supports a PfG which will prioritise the co-design and co-production of services to address Northern Ireland’s complex and serious social and economic challenges.

Bryson along with a broad range of social enterprise and voluntary organisations participated in a number of workshops as the framework was being developed. Bryson is supportive of the proposed outcomes based approach being adopted by the newly elected Executive and like many other is in our sector looks forward to participating in the consultation process.

 John McMullan, Bryson’s Chief Executive said:

 “This is a progressive and positive way to develop a Programme for Government giving civic society an opportunity to shape the Programme and making us all stakeholders in a building a better future.

This is a new way of Government doing business, working effectively and in partnership with all sectors. This draft framework for the first time acknowledges the importance of an outcomes based approach which I believe could provide not only a more inclusive way forward but better solutions to our social and economic challenges”

Bryson was delighted to see many of our social priority asks reflected in Party Manifestos before the election and we will be asking in the consultation for the PfG agreed priority outcomes to encompass our policy ‘asks’.

John McMullan commented:

“The central theme of our Manifesto is not a call for more money, but for smarter spending to maximise the impact of our resources on our major social and economic challenges, with key objectives of job creation and achieving better outcomes for all the people of Northern Ireland at its core. Bryson looks forward to responding to the consultation process and engaging with the Executive in further developing the PfG.”

Bryson’s public policy challenges include the following: Supporting our aging population; addressing persistent unemployment, delivering high quality recycling; eradicating fuel poverty and the commissioning of public services for greater social impact.

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