Bryson support an independent evaluation of Adult Social Care

Bryson Group was one of four organisations who commissioned an independent evaluation on the Adult Social Care sector in Norrthern Ireland. 

The other organisations included the Northern Ireland Social Care Council, Inspire, Cedar Foundation and produced by Ulster University Economic Policy Centre.

The context of Adult Social Care and how it is experienced by service users is evolving and changing.  With an ageing population requiring expansion in the range and scale of services and reduced public investment, knowledge of the current economic value of the Adult Social Care sector is an important benchmark to support policy, skills and funding discussion.

This whole area of work was one of Bryson's five key manifesto areas where we asked Government to support people to live in their own home for as long as possible and secondly to invest, create and develop a clear career path for skilled care workers.  We hope that this report launched on Friday 8th December 2017 at the Social Care Matters conference will recognise the important contribution of the Adult Social Care sector and its workforce, including our Bryson Care staff, in supporting our economy and meeting the needs of the people of Northern Ireland.

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