Bryson on Talkback

Listen again to Jo Marley – Director of Bryson Intercultural who recently took part in the BBC Radio Ulster Talkback show.

The discussion was focused on a report launched  by the Detail (authored by Dr Paul Nolan) on the Changing Mosaic of Northern Ireland’s new communities – 20 years after the good Friday agreement.  Jo explained the work that Bryson Intercultural deliver, which includes, supporting people seeking Asylum from across the world, newly arrived Syrian Refugees to local Irish Travellers, who are living in our local communities. 

Jo explained that Bryson have recently launched a new EU Peace IV funded project called DARE to Lead Change  to create opportunities for Dialogues about Race and Ethniciy, helping to break down barriers and increase better understanding across communities. To find out more about the work of Bryson Intercultural click here 

This pod cast will be available until 15th June 2018.  To listen again Click here and go to approximately 1 hr and 9 mins into the show

To read the report click here

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