The Value in Collaborative Working

As a social enterprise committed to developing sustainable responses to existing and emerging social needs, we know we can't do this alone. Collaborative working is essential to better understand what's happening across Northern Ireland as well as on a wider UK and International scale. Being a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD) is one of the ways we make sure we keep abreast of what's happening and have our say in the future of Northern Ireland.

The IoD is the UK’s longest-running organisation for professional leaders and its 34,500 members include senior leaders in the public, private and of course the social enterprise sector. 

John McMullan, CEO of Bryson Charitable Group, has been a member of IOD since 2013. As well as providing networking opportunities to its 800 directors and senior decision-makers membership in NI, it also provides a unique platform to share views and to make sure these are taken into account when the government is reviewing policy, legislation or seeking the opinions of the wider business community.

John believes the regional structure of IoD is invaluable as it provides a platform to focus on issues affecting Northern Ireland while also enabling us to discuss these issues on a wider UK and international scale.  

“Being a member of IoD ensures I have access to up to date briefings, analysis and training in respect of all the major political, economic and legislative issues that affect me as a Director and a CEO of a major N I Social Enterprise. Having access to a wide ranging network of members has a particular value in sharing practice and experiences that inform my judgement and improve performance.” 

Through IoD membership and its local membership network IoD helped Bryson to recruit and significant number of Non-Executive Directors / Trustees to develop our various Group Company Boards building a skills profile that will support our growth and development for the future. 

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